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Customer experience & the positive feedback loop

Welcome to our first blog post. You’re not here by chance, so you must already know that customer experience is important. But you might still be asking: why? “Why should you invest in CX, if all your competitors act lean and mean?” Great question!

Here’s how we see it. Investing in customer experience sets rolling a positive feedback loop, the value of which can not be measured monetarily. But we’ll try break down the benefits for you:

1. CX-focus affects an organization’s internal behavior, with positive results.

2. It then shows in the products and/or services the organization launches to the market.

3. The customers then react to the improved CX of the products, which result in:

4. Customer satisfaction, rewards and further investments.

Let’s take a closer look at each stage.

CX-focus will start changing an organization’s internal behavior

As CX-thinking spreads through and takes root within a product or service development company, its importance will show in the following two ways:

1. Customer centricity spreads from words to action, meaning your development team will begin incorporating the idea into the actual development work and takes it into consideration when making product-related decisions.

2. Collaboration between different units will also improve as everyone shares a common goal and starts making decisions based not on their individual motivations but on the customer benefit.

CX-thinking will result in the delivery of improved CX in your products and services

When the management and marketing speak the same truth as product development, their collaboration improves and increases yielding better CX as a result.

1. When an organization adopts a CX strategy, this will become integrated into its values and goals.

2. With shared CX goals leading the way, products and services will be built to deliver on the promise.

3. With a unified mission leading development from concept to delivery, the marketing message will be instinctively aligned with the delivery capability.

Customers react to the improved CX of your products and services

In a congested market, exceptionally good customer experience is instantly recognized, noticed, and rewarded by the customers.

1. Your customers’ experience of your offering will improve.

2. In result, your customers will feel better about your products and think and speak more highly of your brand.

3. This causes your customers to buy more and become more loyal to your brand.

CX-improvements drive satisfaction and further investments

In time, the improved CX starts showing on the bottom line. Great results drive rewards and further investments.

1. Improved internal collaboration will increase employee satisfaction x 1.5

2. The improved CX in products will increase sales by 5-10%, and the unified vision will lower development and marketing costs by 15-25%

3. As the organization’s finances improve, the more willing it will be to invest in staying on top of CX in the future.

Thus, investing in great customer experience is not just a worthy cause. It’s a truly lucrative pursuit that pays back by the bucket load.

Let us know if you agree and share your personal observations in the comment section below, or by getting in touch.


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