How Design Thinking can unlock innovation.

Design Thinking is a proven methodology, taught by The Institute of Design at Stanford, that provides a solution-based approach to solving problems. Design by nature is curious, and Design Thinking is no different, encouraging exploration and investigation. At Avalon CX, curious exploration continues through all our work, Research, Design, and Development.


Design Thinking challenges assumptions and dives deeper to seek out the underlying human need, or re-framing the problem in human-centric ways.


With this new frame, we run structured design sessions to find alternative perspectives, that shed new light on the problem. Second, we explore the options, quickly isolating the ideas that work and eliminating those that don't.


Design Thinking fast tracks your path to success by finding a solution that is technologically viable, financially feasible, and desirable to customers.

How we can help

Avalon CX helps you design and develop experiences that your customers love. We're experts in Design Thinking, using it to overcome business challenges. We run a remote, focused workshop where we bring your team (and sometimes even your clients) together. In this workshop, we guide your team through the Design Thinking process. We help to improve your existing products or services by solving persistent problems or tackling big challenges fast. We also explore the viability of completely new experiences. By bringing ideas to life and validating them directly with your customers, we make you a leader in digital innovation through Design Thinking.

Our Design services include:

  • IoT Strategy

  • Service design

  • Technology architecture

  • Solution design and prototyping

  • Experience design

  • UX and Interaction design

Bridging Design Thinking with agile SW development

Customer Experience, both as an activity and an outcome, should be continuous. Service design workshops find the right problems to solve and deliver prototype level solutions. Curious and creative work continues seamlessly with data-driven and agile software development. These can be back-end services and applications for web and mobile, or IoT solutions, for example. We validate the solution fit with ever-evolving customers' needs throughout the research, design, and development phases.

Our Development services include:

  • Optimized, scalable systems

  • Backend/API

  • Applications Android/iOS/Windows

  • Efficient, Accessible, Responsive HTML/CSS/JS web interface

  • Reusable component libraries

  • Embedded SW development

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About Avalon CX

We are an insightful and data-led design and development organization with locations in Silicon Valley, Dallas, and Vancouver. Our culture, tools, and processes were born from change and designed for the post-CV-19 world. 

Our Services

Besides IoT, we design and develop customer-validated web services and mobile apps on today's platforms. We cover insights, design, and development. By combining Design Thinking Methodologies with Agile Development, we are continuously iterating and validating with customers to ensure alignment of expectations, securing your tomorrow.

Case Study –

M2M Certified’s offering

We ran a series of remote service design workshops with M2M Certified, mapped their technology offering, and integrated the right tools that support their business processes and address their client’s needs.