Customer Experience Business Case

The big picture: CX leaders create value

Every year $1.6T is lost in the US alone because of poor customer service. That’s more than 10% of the Fortune 500 companies’ revenue. It’s almost the GDP of Texas or Canada.


Companies focusing on Customer Experience report a 5-10% sales increase and a 15-25% cost reduction according to McKinsey. Forrester found out that experience-driven businesses have 1.5x happier employees and 1.6x more satisfied customers. If you want to be fact-based, there’s enough evidence that investment in CX focus pays back handsomely. 

Why isn’t everyone investing in CX?

It takes 2-3 years to fully achieve CX improvements. That's more than an average employee tenure in high tech. Building a lasting CX culture takes persistence and you have to plan over employee generations. You have to rethink targets and KPIs.

Everyone has ambitions. What are you willing to sacrifice? 2% of revenue for two years? Would you revamp the existing measurement and compensation structure? Are you willing to hire and fire for CX?

Underestimating your competition and changes ahead: While 9 out of 10 customers are willing to pay for an upgraded service, similarly, 9 out of 10 unhappy customers simply leave. If you don’t know your relative CX position vs. your competition, you’ll be on the receiving end of changes to come. 

It's good business to offer what your customers love. How do you quantify the benefits of CX to justify the business case? What’s the business benefit of understanding your customer? What's turning complex technology into intuitive design worth? Why should you reject features when you can include them all?

How we can help

Avalon CX helps you design and develop experiences that your customers love. We're experts in Design Thinking, using it to overcome business challenges. We run remote, focused workshops where we bring your team (and sometimes even your clients) together. In these workshops, we guide your team through the Design Thinking process. We help to improve your existing products or services by solving persistent problems or tackling big challenges fast. We also explore the viability of completely new experiences. By bringing ideas to life and validating them directly with your customers, we make you a leader in digital innovation through Design Thinking.

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About Avalon CX

We are an insightful and data-led design and development organization with locations in Silicon Valley, Dallas, and Vancouver. Our culture, tools, and processes were born from change and designed for the post-CV-19 world. We understand the challenges of having home-office based teams, and we have the experience and workflow to deliver results.

Customer Experience should be continuous, more of a journey than a project. We make it easy for you to get started and to dive deep. Get in touch with us to discuss your options, from quantitative and qualitative research to a strategic partnership.

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Canon has been an Avalon customer for over a decade. We've delivered CX, digital tools, and digital marketing numerous times in seven European countries.