How we’ve elevated CX for our clients.

We’ve helped our clients to create products that their customers love. Our combination of insightful design with data-led software development, keeps the customer experience front and center.

M2M Certified's


IoT & Connected Devices

M2M wanted to present their IoT offering in an approachable way. Avalon CX helped M2M categorize the services.


Canon Europe’s customers

Consumer Electronics

Canon has been an Avalon customer for over a decade. We've delivered CX, digital tools, and digital marketing numerous times in seven European countries.

Caring for the elderly with revolutionary new tech.


We used Service Design methodologies to map landscape & trends. We interviewed doctors, and patients to create a customer journey with key moments for successful deployment.

Designing for
a new form-factor.

IoT & Connected Devices

We’re leaders in building apps for innovative form factors. We’ve worked with the latest dual screen devices & know the primary challenge is the CX, not the tech or coding.


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