Product Creation. Reimagined.

We bring Customer to Product Creation to ensure excellent Customer Experience. CX is about the desire to understand what delights customers and humble ability to make incremental improvements to reach new heights. Avalon CX helps product organizations become CX leaders by designing and developing SW products, services, and experiences with them. 


Marketing builds expectations. Products deliver the concrete delight for customers. Great CX means meeting customers' expectations through all these touchpoints.

Building products with a purpose is motivating.

Investing in CX differentiates offering & pays back.

Leverage your agility by addressing the ever-changing customer expectations.


We help product teams spot and address the gaps between intended CX and customers' actual experiences and exceeding them.

We create SW products, services, and experiences, to help product teams become CX leaders.

We deliver concrete, measurable deliverables today, and develop a lasting CX Culture within your organization for the future.


You build a deep understanding of customer expectations. You design and deliver memorable experiences for key moments of the customer journey. You build data into every step of the process and deliver measurable results.


We don’t just build pretty slides. We work with you on concrete projects, designing and delivering concrete concepts, prototypes, mock-ups, and products. 

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